Peter To Appear In Michael Caton-Jones Movie “Asher”

It has been released that Peter will have a role in the new movie “Asher”.  As stated on Deadline Hollywood’s website, “Asher” is “a film about a Mossad member-turned-gun-for-hire in New York who is living the good life but at the end of his career. When one of his final gigs goes upside down on a job involving a woman, he has to make a life-altering decision.”  Click here to read the Deadline Hollywood article on their website.  We will post updates as soon as they become available.

Peter To Portray “Bugs” Moran In Upcoming Film

Peter has a starring role in the upcoming movie “In the Absence of Good Men”.  He will be playing “Bugs” Moran, a Chicago Gangster affiliated with the North Side Gang in the 1920’s during the prohibition.  This should be a thrilling action packed movie portraying a turbulent time in Chicago’s notorious history.  More details to follow as they become available.