14 thoughts on “Peter Facinelli Latest Images”

  1. I met you in Harrisburg, PA, you signed one of my Twilight books and posed for a picture with my grandaughter and myself…you impressed us both with your charm, down to earth attitude and ease with all the fans…I agree with a prior post that YOU would be PERFECT for the part of Christian Grey in the 50 Shades movie! It was a pleasure meeting you, best of luck in future endeavors.

  2. I came across your website and wanted to tell you how much your support of childhood cancer research means to me. My son was diagnosed with leukemia and has had many set backs. His life expectancy has been drastically reduced by the treatments. Alex’s Lemonade Stand is one of the best supporters of getting the research needed for children. Thank you for supporting all the children who have had cancer. With proper research we can find a cure!

  3. I have had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Peter on a few occasions. He comes to my work often. He is always very pleasant and looks amazing in his green jacket!! Team Peter!!!

  4. Let me the first to nomanate you for the lead in the movie FIFTY SHADES OF GREY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Iam on the second book and as i read it all i can think of is u!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope they think of u for the role (PERFECTION)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I love you so much, my room is covered in posters of you, you are so amazing and you don’t understand the amount of love I have for you. I’m a young fan, with a life time of loving you!

  6. I’ve loved you since Fastlane, such a disappointment to this day that amazing show was cancelled, and I’m crazy for you. You seem like such great down to earth Man and Father. I’d be so lucky to be with someone like you!!

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