Peter’s Dicusses New Moon & the Holidays

With the second season of ‘Nurse Jackie’ now wrapped up, Peter heads home for the holidays. But before he does, he took a moment to chat about a beloved Christmas tradition, New Moon fan requests and why he’s in favor of a fifth Twilight movie. Read all about it here.

Peter’s Breaking Dawn Wishlist

When MTV News spoke to Peter at Z100’s Jingle Ball Friday, he shared a full wish-list of things he would like in regards to the fourth (and, according to him, fifth) installments of the series. You can read all about what he had to say by heading to the interviews section of the site.

Peter Celebrates His Birthday

OK Magazine

It’s birthday season in the Peter Facinelli-Jennie Garth home as Peter and daughter Lola celebrate their milestones just ten days apart. Read all about it by clicking here.