Sneak Peek #2 of Supergirl’s Season Finale

CBS has released a new sneak peek from the much anticipated season finale of Supergirl airing this Monday, April 18, at 7/8c.  Maxwell Lord uses all his skills and talents to help Supergirl in saving the people of Earth.  Will they be successful?  You won’t want to miss this heart stopping episode!

Sneak Peek of Supergirl Season 1 Final Episode

Be sure to watch this new video from Supergirl’s final episode of Season 1 titled “Better Angels”.  It will be a thrilling hour of action and suspense, sure to leave us with a heart pounding  cliffhanger.  Tune in Monday, April 18 at 7/8c on CBS.


Sneak Peek of Maxwell Lord in Tomorrow Night’s Episode of Supergirl

Don’t miss this video sneak peek featuring  Maxwell Lord in tomorrow night’s episode of Supergirl.  The episode will air at 8/7c on CBS.

FanX 2016 Panel/Q&A Video

If you were unable to attend the Salt Lake City Comic Con this past weekend, you can watch Peter’s entire panel/Q&A session right here.  Peter captivated the audience with his stories and answers to questions presented.  He was delightful even though he had had a hectic schedule the past 2 days with very little sleep.


Behind The Velvet Rope Interview

Be sure to watch this Behind The Velvet Rope interview with Peter when he attended the premiere of I Saw The Light in NYC on March 24, 2016.  He discusses a variety of topics including the death of his friend, Ken Howard.  You can view the interview in its entirety on Behind The Velvet Rope’s Facebook page.

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