Peter Visits Kathie Lee & Hoda And Shares His Engagement Proposal

Peter stopped by Kathie Lee & Hoda’s show today to discuss American Odyssey.  During the course of the interview, Peter also touched on the topic of his recent engagement to Jaimie Alexander and how he made his proposal special and memorable.  Below, you can view the clip of this segment of the show.

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NBC & Google Maps Partner To Create “Explore American Odyssey”

As reported in Variety, NBC & Google Maps have partnered to create the “Explore American Odyssey site, powered by Google Maps, which launched today, and focuses on key cities and destinations from the show and will let fans unlock clues and view exclusive content.”  View the article in its entirety on Variety’s website.  You can link directly to the companion website by clicking the above link.  Enjoy this interactive tool and learn more indepth information on American Odyssey while waiting for the premiere on Sunday, April 5 at 10 pm ET on NBC.


San Francisco Chronicle’s Review of “American Odyssey”

David Wiegand has posted his review of “American Odyssey” in the San Francisco Chronicle.  Titled “TV: Thrills and suspense make Odyssey a winner”,  Wiegand finds that Odyssey “crackles with action and suspense from the first moment  of Sunday’s premiere episode all the way through at least the five” episodes that he viewed. Read his review in its entiretly on the Chronicle’s website.   Don’t miss the premiere of American Odyssey this Sunday, April 5, at 10 pm ET on NBC.