Peter’s Debut In S.W.A.T Is Available OnLine

Be sure to watch the last night’s full episode of S.W.A.T in which Peter makes his first appearance as Michael Plank, civilian Police Commissioner.   A great show with an amazingly talented cast and writers!

You can watch the entire episode “Miracle” on CBS’s website here.

Peter Discusses His Role of Michael Plank on S.W.A.T With TV Guide

Don’t miss this new TV Guide Interview with Peter as he discusses his new role and his character’s true intensions on S.W.A.T

Here is a preview of the interview from TV Guide:

Your character is the civilian police commissioner. What draws him to law enforcement even though he doesn’t wear a uniform?

Peter Facinelli: I think he really wants to be a police officer, to be honest. I think he has an infatuation with that whole world, with that whole department. His world is kind of politics and desks and paperwork. What they do is exciting to him. He’s drawn to the danger of that world and wants to help out in any way that he can.

S.W.A.T.: Michael Plank’s Arrival Will Complicate Things for Hondo and Jessica.  Click here for the entire article.



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