Aug 9, 2017 ~ Peter To Appear On “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry”

Peter will be on “Hollywood Medium with Tyler Henry” on Wednesday Aug, 9th.  You can watch as Peter will be connecting with his late grandfather.  Hollywood Medium airs at 8 pm on E!.  You can view the website at  As Tyler stated on his twitter account @tyhenrymedium, “I hope you all can tune into this touching segment and find comfort in watching it.”

Peter To Portray “Bugs” Moran In Upcoming Film

Peter has a starring role in the upcoming movie “In the Absence of Good Men”.  He will be playing “Bugs” Moran, a Chicago Gangster affiliated with the North Side Gang in the 1920’s during the prohibition.  This should be a thrilling action packed movie portraying a turbulent time in Chicago’s notorious history.  More details to follow as they become available.