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New American Odyssey Trailer Featuring Peter

E! online has released a new exclusive American Odyssey trailer featuring Peter.  As their headline states “Peter Facinelli Discovers “Blood Money” Conspiracy in American Odyssey”.  The anticipation for this series is mounting as the premiere date, April 5th at 10 pm on NBC, draws closer.  You can view the trailer below and visit E! Online’s website for the entire article.




Adam Robitel To Script “Cropsey” For A7SLE

In an exclusive from Deadline Hollywood, it has been released that Adam Robitel will be scripting the new horror film “Cropsey” for A7SLE films.  “The picture takes a fresh look at the mythology of the Cropsey Maniac, the boogeyman of campfire lore who has terrorized the minds of youngsters for decades. ”  The entire article can be read on Deadline Hollywood’s website.



Actor Peter Facinelli discusses his “Nurse Jackie” character having sexual Tourette Syndrome that can make shooting scenes in the series uncomfortable: “When he has tourettes he grabs boobs.”  Be sure to check out the clip below and then visit the gallery for screencaps from the episode and an EXCLUSIVE look at the family photos that were shown, as well as a few others you didn’t see.