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Peter Shares Insights On “The Damned” with Shockya.com

Peter held a phone interview with Shockya.com recently talking about The Damned, filming in Colombia and working on indies, among other topics.  As stated in the article “Versatile actor Peter Facinelli powerfully showcased the harrowing and realistic emotions and motivations of a protective father who’s desperate to take any means necessary to save his teenage daughter in the latest movie from director Victor Garcia.”  You can read the article in its entirety on Sockya.com’s website.

the damned

Peter discusses A7SLE with Dorri Olds & The Blot

Peter recently met with Dorri Olds of The Blot Magazine and in a second part to the interview Peter discussed how his production company got its name, the current projects being worked on with Rob DeFranco (his partner in A7SLE), and his views on being a writer, producer, director and actor.  You can view the article in its entirety on The Blog Magazine’s website.

blot 2