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Peter talks with MTV’s Josh Horowitz

Peter stopped by MTV to chat with Josh Horowitz and discuss Protocol: Orphans in detail and revealed that he is actively pitching the comic book to become a tv series or movie.  Peter would enjoy playing a role in the movie.  He also touched humorously on the subject of how he may celebrate the 5th anniversary of Twilight.  The interview is posted below for your viewing pleasure.




MTV Video Interview with Peter, Nikki & Jackson

MTV caught up with Peter, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone at the Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit at Planet Hollywood in NY on Nov 4th.  The stars discussed their favorite Twilight movie and specific scenes from the Twilight Saga.  Watch the 3 friends interact and have fun with each other during their video interview available online at the MTV website.


MTV – When Did ‘Twilight’ Stars Know Just How Big It Was?

Nikki Reed, Peter Facinelli and Elizabeth Reaser answer fan questions during Comic-Con.”

The Twilight Saga” is a series largely fueled by fan support, and one of our favorite parts of interviewing the stars is bringing them your questions. During our live stream at San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, we sat down with Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser and Nikki Reed to talk all things “Breaking Dawn,” but we made sure to take some time out to ask them some of the questions you guys sent via Twitter.

Fortunately, the fans have thought enough about the series that they have some really interesting questions. One of our favorites was when one Twitter user asked Reaser, Facinelli and Reed at what moment they knew “Twilight” was going to be a hit, and appropriately, it was a bit full-circle for them. Though none of those three were here for the first “Twilight” Comic-Con panel in 2008, Reed said it was at that moment that it hit her how big “Twilight” was.  To view the whole article, click here.