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Pre-order Protocol: Orphans Graphic Novel Now!

Peter’s thrilling comic book series, Protocol: Orphans, is being released in paperback with all 4 comic books included in this one graphic novel and now available for pre-order online at Amazon.  Don’t miss out on this hard to put down, action packed novel that would also make a great Christmas present.  The anticipated shipping date for Protocol: Orphans is December 11, 2014.


Nerd Initiative Meets Up With Peter At The 2014 Comikaze Expo

Nerd Initiative stopped by the BOOM! Studios booth yesterday at the 2014 Comikaze Expo in LA and found Peter, along with Micheal Alan Nelson, signing their collaborative comic book “Protocol: Orphans”.  The event was a success as Nerd Initiative noted that only 1 comic book was left at the end of the signing session.  Congrats to Peter and Michael on a fantastic Meet & Greet.   The article and photos are available on Nerd Initiative’s website.


The Nerdist Talks With Peter About Protocol: Orphans

Brian Walton of the Nerdist talked with Peter in detail about Protocol: Orphans from inception to its future.  They touched on the Guinness Book of World Records and its impact on Orphans, collaboration between the many individuals involved in the project, the amazing artwork in the book and Fastlane!  To read this interesting and detailed article in its entirety, check out Nerdist.com’s website.

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