Backstage Magazine’s 50th Anniversary

Backstage Magazine celebrates it’s 50th anniversary this week, and they asked some of their favorite actors about getting their SAG cards, audition horror stories and more. You can view Peter’s response by clicking the image below.

2 thoughts on “Backstage Magazine’s 50th Anniversary”

  1. Peter,
    Gosh, I am so happy for you.If you remember we were at ATC together and I remember when you had to leave NYU.Well, you did it…you never gave up and you made it .Congrats Peter!!You were always so kind to everyone…continued success to you.


  2. hi Peter,

    I don’t know if you remember me but we met at the 2009 dragon con in atlanta , GA on laborday weekend, we talked about twilight. And you said that i had a great idea about a character called Dale Cullen, and that i should tell Stephenie Meyer about him, Remember? Well as soon as i got home i tried to write her a letter because i didn’t know how to get ahold of her, but i couldn’t fit everything in the letter so i wrote a story instead useing our ideas that we talked about and instead of it being just about Bella , Jacob and Edward i made it about the hole Cullen family where all of you have bigger roles. I have been on facebook trying to get help from any of the cast and i think i have talked to Kristen about this great idea. So we have been trying to get ahold of all the cast for help. Peter Please help me , i have really tried my best to get this done alone and i have failed you and myself. I also had another idea say you help me with this and they decide to make it into a movie, right. What if we use some of the ticket sales for the Alex’s Limonaide stand foundation? So PLease, help me! my email is

    and if you like to read the Story i named it Twilight : The New Storm here is the link i hope you enjoy it

    Please just read it, i know you won’t regret it so far it has 6,181 reads meaning its read that many times and over 841 Likes so please Peter i will be waiting to here from you

    Your Son

    Dale (Cullen) Flannery