Da Man Magazine Interview

He can certainly act, but he’s no one-hit wonder, he’s an ‘All-Rounder’. He can write, he’s a budding filmmaker and he’s a doting father. You may know him as Dr. Coop on the TV show Nurse Jackie, or Dr. Carlisle Cullen, the ‘father’ of the Cullen clan in the Twilight film franchise, but here is a side of 37-year-old New Yorker Peter Facinelli that you may not have seen: fashionable. You can see the article by clicking the link below.

2 thoughts on “Da Man Magazine Interview”

  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your movies. Would love to see you do a Documentary as well.
    Believe Twilight Saga movies were so successful because the actors are very responsive to their fans – movies have just the right atmosphere/ambience.