A7SLE Acquires Rights To “The Devil’s Rooming House”

A7SLE Films has acquired the rights to “The Devil’s Rooming House”.  Written by M. William Phelps, the story is a historical true crime.  As described on Phelps’ website “A silent, simmering killer terrorized New England in 1911…a woman who was both a Black Widow and an Angel of Death.”  Peter posted on his Twitter, @peterfacinelli, that he is “excited about this new project. :)”  Deadline Hollywood released details in an exclusive which can be viewed on their website.


A7SLE Films offers Tumblr account for followers

Stay up to date on new developments at A7SLE films (Peter & Rob DeFranco’s film company) via their tumblr ~ A7SLE.com. They currently have many exciting projects that they are working on including The Last Word and Protocol: Orphans. They also produced some of the amazing skits for “The Hillywood Show” and have in the pipeline a film based on Whitey Bulger. Click here to view the A7SLE Tumblr.


A7SLE Films to produce “THE LAST WORD”

Peter’s production company, A7SLE Films, has a new movie in the works. Peter states that he is “excited to be teaming up with Film District to produce “THE LAST WORD”.  The movie is described as a paranormal horror film and has an anticipated release date for next summer (2014). We will keep you updated as more information becomes available. Click on the following weblinks for the initial press releases in variety.com, deadline.com, comingsoon.net and hollywoodreporter.com.