Peter Stops By The Set of Good Day New York

Peter was on the set of Good Day New York for an early morning chat with Rosanna Scotto and Greg Kelly to discuss his comic book “Protocol: Orphans” and he hinted at his possible role in a movie or tv version.  He also discussed his mom’s cooking, working simultaneously on both Glee & Nurse Jackie which are filmed on opposite coasts,  and other multifaceted topics.  A video of the interview is posted below for your viewing pleasure.

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Peter chats on-air with 104.3MYfm’s Lisa Foxx

Peter took some time to talk with Lisa Foxx on-air Friday, November 15th in LA.  As Lisa describes the encounter “Listen to my chat WITH Peter…we talk…TWILIGHT 6!!??? White vampire faces, favorite holiday movies, GLEE, Nurse Jackie…new movie plans and the cool story behind his new comic book…”  It is a very laid back, informative and fun interview with the two of them.  Listen to their full audio chat here.

Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit Launch

Peter Facinelli’s New Professional ‘Protocol’

Peter spoke with ET News about his new comic book “Protocol: Orphans”.  He discussed where his inspiration came from for the storyline as well as what inspired the vibrant visuals used in the comic book.  Peter also gave a look into what the future may hold for “Protocol: Orphans”.  You can read the article in its entirety at

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