Peter Discusses His Thoughts on a Twilight Sequel With

Peter took time to chat with Hollywood Life last night at the New York Premiere of the “Challenger Disaster”.  He spoke about his attachment to his Twilight character, Dr. Carlisle Cullen, and his thoughts on doing a sequel to the Twilight Saga.  He also touched on the bonds that have developed between the cast members as well as the friendships that fans have developed from around the world.  You can view the entire Exclusive Interview on Hollywood Life’s website.


MTV Video Interview with Peter, Nikki & Jackson

MTV caught up with Peter, Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone at the Twilight Forever Fan Experience Exhibit at Planet Hollywood in NY on Nov 4th.  The stars discussed their favorite Twilight movie and specific scenes from the Twilight Saga.  Watch the 3 friends interact and have fun with each other during their video interview available online at the MTV website.


Exclusive interview with

Peter took some time to give an exclusive interview to Hollywood Life and discussed his role on Glee, working with Lea Michele and integrating into the Glee family.  He also touched on his Twilight family and the crossover for his Twilight and Glee fans.  Will we see more of him on Glee?  To find out the answer, check out the online article at