Vote for Supergirl in the People’s Choice Awards!

Supergirl has been nominated in the Favorite New TV Drama category at the People’s Choice Awards.  Make sure that you cast your vote for Peter’s new series in which he portrays Maxwell Lord.  The voting is open now.  Click this link to vote today and be sure to watch The People’s Choice Awards on CBS – January 6th, 2016 at 9/8c.


First Glimpse Of Peter As Maxwell Lord

CBS has released new video footage from its upcoming series “SuperGirl”, giving us our first glimpse of Peter as Maxwell Lord.  As stated in Wikipedia, “He is a shrewd and powerful businessman who was very influential in the formation of the Justice League International in DC Comics”.  We look forward to seeing Peter’s take on this character and how he develops in the future.  SuperGirl is airing on CBS, October 26th.  Make sure to mark your calendars!