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Don’t miss your chance to show Peter around your town and hang out with you and your friends!  Sign up today and you will have “Peter” (Passport Peter) sent to you along with his journal in which you can document all the fun adventures that you went on together during his stay with you.  You can also tag photos and videos of your adventures to his Twitter account, @PFachPassport.  After your time together, you will be given the next individual to forward “Peter” and his passport to.  When the project is done and everyone has had their time with him, “Peter” will be sent to the “original” man himself so that he can enjoy and relieve his adventures across the globe.  To be one of the lucky participants, please send your name and mailing address to projects@peter-facinelli.com

Hillywood® Teaming Up with Peter Facinelli

Hillywood has just released their latest skit: The Hunger Games Parody.  The parody, which was co-produced with Facinelli Films (the film production company of Peter Facinelli) and YouTube’s music discovery channel myISH, plays homage to The Hunger Games – the beloved-book- series-turned-major-Hollywood-film.  Info can be found below.