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Facinelli Dissects ‘Nurse Jackie’ Doc


Facinelli dissects ‘Nurse Jackie’ doc

Whether playing a boob or grabbing one, Peter Facinelli provides a large chunk of the comic relief on Nurse Jackie.

Nurse Jackie is a product of Showtime in the United States that airs Mondays across Canada on The Movie Network and Movie Central. As the series accelerates toward the end of its third season, there are a number of interesting things going on with Facinelli’s character, Dr. Cooper. You can read a little about them here.

‘Nurse Jackie’ season finale called a ‘shocker’


‘Nurse Jackie’ season finale called a ‘shocker’

When Nurse Jackie star Peter Facinelli called in to talk about the Showtime comedy-drama’s third-season finale, which airs Monday, he had just returned from Greece, where he had taken his 13-year-old daughter on an educational tour. The tour turned out to be as educational for Facinelli as for his daughter.

“She had studied Greek mythology,” Facinelli says. “So she became a great tour guide for me as well. The guides were very impressed with her knowledge of Greece.” It was also Facinelli’s first trip to the country, and the self-described architecture buff got a kick out of seeing such sites as the Parthenon.

Compare that with Dr. Fitch “Coop” Cooper, the self-absorbed, foot-in-mouth, hands-on-breasts character Facinelli plays on Nurse Jackie, whose interest in architecture is mostly limited to constructing his image as a handsome, desirable doctor. Yet as much as Coop can be a goofball, he’s not a bad doctor. And he has a sensitive side, which was revealed this season when his mothers, a lesbian couple, announced that they’re splitting up.

Facinelli talked about Coop, his role as Dr. Carlisle Cullen in the “Twilight” movies, and his Texas connections in the phone interview. This is an abridged version of the interview. Click here to read more.