Mission Electric: Peter’s trip down the California Coastline

Peter is on a 4 day trip down the California coastline with Rob DeFranco, GQ and BMW. He is driving the first-ever, all-electric BMW i3 and will complete the trip using NO gas. Peter is documenting the adventure through his Instagram & Twitter accounts. GQ has also set up a page for interested parties to view the daily happenings & Twitter feeds – http://report.gq.com/gqreport/missionelectric. We have a Mission Electric folder in the Gallery section above for you to view the daily photographs of the trip, places visited along the way and the fun adventures of Peter and Rob. Below is a video from Day 2 of Peter on a zip line!


A7SLE Films offers Tumblr account for followers

Stay up to date on new developments at A7SLE films (Peter & Rob DeFranco’s film company) via their tumblr ~ A7SLE.com. They currently have many exciting projects that they are working on including The Last Word and Protocol: Orphans. They also produced some of the amazing skits for “The Hillywood Show” and have in the pipeline a film based on Whitey Bulger. Click here to view the A7SLE Tumblr.