The Providence Journal – The Filming of Loosies

Peter and director Michael Corrente film a scene for ‘Loosies’ in the old Cranston police station. ‘Loosies’
is the story of Bobby, a New York pickpocket in his mid-30s who still lives with his mother, dresses in business
suits and tells his mom he works on Wall Street when he leaves in the morning. A classy-looking thief, he’s amassing money to pay back his long-absent father’s gambling debts. His footloose life is upended when the young woman with whom he had a one-night stand returns to announce that she’s pregnant with his child. You can view the full article concerning the filming by clicking here.

Today Show – Video Interview

If you missed Peter’s appearance on The Today Show yesterday, you can now view it online. For those in the
US, you can watch the clip by clicking here.

Those overseas can view the YouTube version by clicking here.