Pre-Released Twilight Forever Bonus Material for Fans

On October 29th, a new video featuring footage of Peter and members of the Twilight cast was posted on YouTube in anticipation of the November 5th release date of the Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga collection.  As stated in the video description “The Twilight cast is very thankful for your commitment to Bella and Edward’s epic love story over the last five years and to show you, we’d like to share with you a sneak peek of the cast discussing their appreciation for their fans in this exclusive clip from the bonus feature “Twilight FAN-omenon,” which will be included in the Twilight Forever: The Complete Saga collection, available November 5.”  Enjoy the video!


Peter Turns Heads with His Stylish Choice of Clothing

Peter’s presence at the Armani “One Night Only” event on October 24th was not the only reason that people noticed the actor.  Peter’s choice of attire was very adventurous in a typically traditional setting of black tuxedos and ties.  Peter donned grey slacks, a shirt with no tie and a suave velvet dinner jacket which was chic and elegant.  To read more on his stylish choice, check out the Lifestyle Mirror article.

peter velvet

Vote in the Imagination Series Contest & You Could Possibly Win a Trip to New York

The Imagination Series is holding a voting contest to determine which one of 5 potential film ideas will be made into a movie.  Earlier this summer, Peter was a judge for the initial segment of the contest where the scripts were narrowed down to these 5 remaining contestants.  To become eligible to win the trip to New York for the premiere of the chosen film, go to the Imagination Series Facebook page and scroll down to Peter’s film choice “Cutie Pie” and cast your vote.   Let’s help Peter win this contest and bring this film in its entirety to the big screen.

cutie pie