Vote in the Imagination Series Contest & You Could Possibly Win a Trip to New York

The Imagination Series is holding a voting contest to determine which one of 5 potential film ideas will be made into a movie.  Earlier this summer, Peter was a judge for the initial segment of the contest where the scripts were narrowed down to these 5 remaining contestants.  To become eligible to win the trip to New York for the premiere of the chosen film, go to the Imagination Series Facebook page and scroll down to Peter’s film choice “Cutie Pie” and cast your vote.   Let’s help Peter win this contest and bring this film in its entirety to the big screen.

cutie pie

Vanity Fair’s Interview with Peter at Armani’s One Night Only Event

Vanity Fair spoke briefly with Peter at the Armani One Night Only Event in New York last night.  Peter discussed his brief stint in the modeling arena while he was in college.  He revealed that this was a way for him to help pay for his college costs.  From the looks of his past modeling photos, it appears that Peter would have had a successful career in this field, had he chosen to follow that path.  The complete Vanity Fair article is available online.

Vanity Fair

HuffPost Celebrity Interview with Peter at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball

HuffPost Celebrity caught up with Peter last night at the GQ Gentleman’s Ball where Peter was being honored as a 2013 Ambassador.  Among the topics touched upon were Peter’s guiltiest pleasure, his views on reclining in an airplane and the question that we all want to know ~ Is he a twerker?  To find out the answers to these and other interesting and revealing questions, you can read the article in its entirety on the HuffPost website.