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A7SLE Acquires Book/Script Rights To Tom McManus’s Memoir

As reported by The Wrap, Peter’s A7SLE Films has acquired book and script rights to Tom McManus’s memoir “We’ll Always Be Pals’:  The last words of a dying father and a true hero!”  The film will be produced by Peter, Rob DeFranco, Kim Murray and Tom McManus.  In reference to producing the movie, Rob posted on Twitter “Excited to be producing this touching project.”  Details will be forthcoming as they are released.  The full article is available at TheWrap.com

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Peter discusses A7SLE with Dorri Olds & The Blot

Peter recently met with Dorri Olds of The Blot Magazine and in a second part to the interview Peter discussed how his production company got its name, the current projects being worked on with Rob DeFranco (his partner in A7SLE), and his views on being a writer, producer, director and actor.  You can view the article in its entirety on The Blog Magazine’s website.

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“Red White & Blue” Director Tapped to Helm “The Last Word” (Exclusive)

The Hollywood Reporter has released information on the hiring of Simon Rumley to direct the paranormal-themed movie “The Last Word”. Peter’s film company, A7SLE Films, will be producing the film along with principals from Boss Media. The film has an anticipated release date of next summer (2014). Click here to read the article in its entirety. Stay tuned for more updated information as it becomes available.