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Pre-order Protocol: Orphans Graphic Novel Now!

Peter’s thrilling comic book series, Protocol: Orphans, is being released in paperback with all 4 comic books included in this one graphic novel and now available for pre-order online at Amazon.  Don’t miss out on this hard to put down, action packed novel that would also make a great Christmas present.  The anticipated shipping date for Protocol: Orphans is December 11, 2014.


Protocol: Orphans – Release Date of November 13th

The graphic novel “Protocol: Orphans” which Peter co-wrote will be available to the public on November 13.  This high-concept espionage thriller is the first  in the series and a first for Peter as he enters into the graphic novel arena.  We look forward to reading this action packed opening novel and subsequent editions.  As stated in the Comicbuzz.com online article,  “I love a good espionage story,” says BOOM! Studios Editor-in-Chief Matt Gagnon. “PROTOCOL: ORPHANS delivers; it’s a smart, stylish, and fast-paced thriller. If you miss shows like ‘Alias,’ you’re in for a treat.”  For those who are unable to locate “Protocol: Orphans” at a store, it will also be available for direct order from boom-studios.com.