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Review of Odyssey In The Washington Post

Hank Stuever recently published a review of Peter’s new NBC series “Odyssey” in The Washington Post.    The highly anticipated drama caught his attention and he finds that Odyssey is “as suspenseful, as relevant or as textured (translation: as good) as the premium cable networks” shows.   You can read the review in its entirety here as well as view a video interview.


Leo Francis’ review of The Damned

“In The Damned, now available in select theaters and on VOD, director Victor Garcia creates an absolutely bleak and chilling piece of cinema that slowly works its way into your bones.”  So begins Leo Francis’ review of The Damned in The Children of Samhain.   Leo gives the movie a B+ rating and praises the acting, script and locale chosen for filming.  Read the entire review online here.

the damned

The Examiner’s Interview With Peter & Review of “The Damned”

Dorri Olds’ interview with Peter yesterday (Aug 8) along with her review of The Damned is now available on The Examiner’s website.  As Peter stated in the article “….doing this movie was emotionally exhausting…In horror your life is at stake and your family’s life is at stake and this goes on for most of the movie. As the tension rises for my character I found that ninety percent of the time I would go to work and just be emotionally drained. For me, as an actor” he said, “it was a lot work.” He quickly adds, “But a lot of fun too.”   View the article in its entirety at TheExaminer.com

the damned