Peter speaks with Young Hollywood’s Nikki Novak

Young Hollywood’s Nikki Novak met up with Peter prior to Directv’s Celebrity Beach Bowl on Saturday, February 1, 2014.  As noted  ”The ‘Twilight’ actor dishes hidden talents, the other famous participants, and reveals which opposing player he’d like to tackle, all before hugging it out!”  Watch the entertaining video below.

Peter has #8CrazyTweets about the Super Bowl

While in NYC attending Super Bowl festivities, Peter tweeted with @FoxSports and jovially answered their #8CrazyTweet questions that were presented to him.  His lighthearted and open responses brought to light some new insight.  We now know which team Peter will be rooting for during the game and a memorable fan moment that stands out in his mind.  You can enjoy the full tweet interview on Fox Sports website.


Peter Speaks With ABC News

Peter spoke briefly to ABC News about spending family time with his daughters this Christmas, his deeply personal reasons for becoming involved in raising funds for pediatric cancer research and visiting children’s hospitals.  He also divulged the one thing that he wants for Christmas this year.  Let’s hope that he was able to get his wish.  The full article is available at ABC News Radio Online’s website.