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Are You Missing Peter On The Screen?

Netflix has announced their January lineup and Peter’s movies are included.  Don’t miss the classic “Can’t Hardly Wait” in which he portrays Mike Dexter as well as the recently released horror thriller “The Damned” which is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat!  Also catch the highly acclaimed “Loosies”, which he wrote and starred in.   Peter is an amazing & diverse actor that brings life to many characters.  Be sure to check out Netflix’s website for his movies this month which include The Damned, Telling You, Can’t Hardly Wait, Riding In Cars With Boys, End of Innocence and Loosies.

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Leo Francis’ review of The Damned

“In The Damned, now available in select theaters and on VOD, director Victor Garcia creates an absolutely bleak and chilling piece of cinema that slowly works its way into your bones.”  So begins Leo Francis’ review of The Damned in The Children of Samhain.   Leo gives the movie a B+ rating and praises the acting, script and locale chosen for filming.  Read the entire review online here.

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