Leo Francis’ review of The Damned

“In The Damned, now available in select theaters and on VOD, director Victor Garcia creates an absolutely bleak and chilling piece of cinema that slowly works its way into your bones.”  So begins Leo Francis’ review of The Damned in The Children of Samhain.   Leo gives the movie a B+ rating and praises the acting, script and locale chosen for filming.  Read the entire review online here.

the damned

Peter Shares Insights On “The Damned” with Shockya.com

Peter held a phone interview with Shockya.com recently talking about The Damned, filming in Colombia and working on indies, among other topics.  As stated in the article “Versatile actor Peter Facinelli powerfully showcased the harrowing and realistic emotions and motivations of a protective father who’s desperate to take any means necessary to save his teenage daughter in the latest movie from director Victor Garcia.”  You can read the article in its entirety on Sockya.com’s website.

the damned

Peter discusses The Damned with Nerdist.com

Peter spent time with Clarke Wolfe of Nerdist.com discussing how he got involved with The Damned, his views on horror movies and what makes a good horror movie.  As Peter stated “… but for me it was emotionally draining. Everyday I went to work, the stakes were so high…  ”  You can view the article in its entirety on the Nerdist’s website

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