Peter discusses The Damned with

Peter spent time with Clarke Wolfe of discussing how he got involved with The Damned, his views on horror movies and what makes a good horror movie.  As Peter stated “… but for me it was emotionally draining. Everyday I went to work, the stakes were so high…  ”  You can view the article in its entirety on the Nerdist’s website

Gallows Hill

The Nerdist Talks With Peter About Protocol: Orphans

Brian Walton of the Nerdist talked with Peter in detail about Protocol: Orphans from inception to its future.  They touched on the Guinness Book of World Records and its impact on Orphans, collaboration between the many individuals involved in the project, the amazing artwork in the book and Fastlane!  To read this interesting and detailed article in its entirety, check out’s website.

protocol 2