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Adam Robitel To Script “Cropsey” For A7SLE

In an exclusive from Deadline Hollywood, it has been released that Adam Robitel will be scripting the new horror film “Cropsey” for A7SLE films.  “The picture takes a fresh look at the mythology of the Cropsey Maniac, the boogeyman of campfire lore who has terrorized the minds of youngsters for decades. ”  The entire article can be read on Deadline Hollywood’s website.


Nathan Hale Movie Rights Acquired by A7SLE Films

As reported by Variety.com, Peter’s “A7SLE Films has acquired movie rights to M. William Phelps’ “Nathan Hale: The Life and Death of America’s First Spy.”  As Peter stated in the article “I am excited to bring the story of Nathan Hale to life, a man who sacrificed everything for what he believed in,”   Details will be forthcoming as they are released.  The article is available on Variety.com


Max La Bella Chosen To Script “The Devil’s Rooming House”

A7SLE Films has hired Max La Bella to script The Devil’s Rooming House, a story about early 20th century murderess Amy Archer-Gilligan.  Written by M. William Phelps, this story is categorized as a historical true crime.  As described on Phelps’ website “A silent, simmering killer terrorized New England in 1911…a woman who was both a Black Widow and an Angel of Death.”  Deadline Hollywood released details which can be viewed on their website.