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The Examiner’s Interview With Peter & Review of “The Damned”

Dorri Olds’ interview with Peter yesterday (Aug 8) along with her review of The Damned is now available on The Examiner’s website.  As Peter stated in the article “….doing this movie was emotionally exhausting…In horror your life is at stake and your family’s life is at stake and this goes on for most of the movie. As the tension rises for my character I found that ninety percent of the time I would go to work and just be emotionally drained. For me, as an actor” he said, “it was a lot work.” He quickly adds, “But a lot of fun too.”   View the article in its entirety at TheExaminer.com

the damned

Protocol: Orphans #4 Receives 5/5 Review!

Comic Bastards has given a 5/5 review of Protocol: Orphans #4.  The review was written by James Anders II.  He continues to have high praises for Michael Alan Nelson’s compelling action and complex characters, as well as with the conclusion to the story.  As Anders states, “I found within the pages a first-rate action comic that blended the very best of spy drama with intense political intrigue and edge of your seat action that made it one very hard one to put down….I found the conclusion to be rewarding, entertaining, and excellent.”  The entire review is available on Comic Bastards website.

Orphans 4