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The Nerdist Talks With Peter About Protocol: Orphans

Brian Walton of the Nerdist talked with Peter in detail about Protocol: Orphans from inception to its future.  They touched on the Guinness Book of World Records and its impact on Orphans, collaboration between the many individuals involved in the project, the amazing artwork in the book and Fastlane!  To read this interesting and detailed article in its entirety, check out Nerdist.com’s website.

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Peter talks with MTV’s Josh Horowitz

Peter stopped by MTV to chat with Josh Horowitz and discuss Protocol: Orphans in detail and revealed that he is actively pitching the comic book to become a tv series or movie.  Peter would enjoy playing a role in the movie.  He also touched humorously on the subject of how he may celebrate the 5th anniversary of Twilight.  The interview is posted below for your viewing pleasure.




Peter Chats With HuffPost Live

Peter stopped by HuffPost Live to chat with Caitlyn Becker and answer fan questions posted to him via on-line chat.  A fun and interactive interview ensued with Peter discussing Protocol: Orphans, explaining the premise of the comic book and how he envisions seeing it progress in the future.  He also touches on Coop & Nurse Jackie and his family/daughters.  The full interview is posted below for your enjoyment.